Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Raingirl

Back in the previous days

When life was not a maze,

Most amusing was Nature

After I was simply a young person.

Sitting in my rocking chair

Listening songs on music player,

Watching everybody that passes

Via massive window glasses.

That Day

No one was home from household

And it was pouring outdoors closely,

Raindrops making the best possible sound

Coming straight from Heaven to kiss the bottom.

Something added more beauty to the scene

Which was a Girl around eighteen,

Struggling together with her umbrella, fighting with the wind

Watching her baby steps, for no motive..I grinned,

Cold breeze by way of her hair

Was forcing me to stare,

Sweet helpless starry eyes

Certain had killed thousand guys,

Her coral lips had nothing to say

When the black umbrella flew away,

And now, she was standing within the sand

Together with her sandals in her hand,

She might do nothing herself

Drenched in rain, she was searching for some help.

I shouted a 'Hello', when got here outdoors

Only a trembling 'Yes' she replied,

I went to her, feeling the raindrops

Asked her to return in shade until the rain stops,

me like I was a duffer

She reluctantly agreed to my supply.

Two cup of tea and an hour long talks

I made her smile with some stupid jokes,

That day in my life, I can forget never

When I met

Probably the most beautiful women I've seen ever.

Immediately, sitting in the same rocking chair

with same songs on my music participant,

I nonetheless watch the raindrops

Whereas my mind searches extra silly jokes,

With a cup of tea

Not alone..That 'rain girl' beside me,

As now, she's my Spouse

However I always thank dis Rain

For introducing to my life..

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