Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Benefits Of Using Printed Post It Notes?

Post it notes are one of the most useful, and ubiquitous, inventions in stationery in the last couple of decades. They are an ever-present in most offices, still being used on a day to day basis by most office workers, regardless of what developments may be taking place in office technology. While the original post-it notes were the plain, yellow coloured ones that are still the most common, there are now many different kinds of post it notes on the market.

As well as buying post-it notes for their own employees to use, many companies use them as a promotional marketing tool. It is a fantastic idea. Post-it notes are so well-used by so many, that they are an instantly usable desk-top marketing tool. They can be given away at meetings or conferences, and are likely to be well-used.

Of course, post-it notes only work as a marketing tool if they are printed with appropriate designs and text. A wide range of options are available to companies interested in producing promotional post-it notes. The post-it notes can easily be tailored to fit a company's own brand values. As well as design, size and shape can also be personalised.

Printed post-it notes are easy to order online. The website of 3M, the company that make them, has a section dedicated to promotional and printed post-it notes. You can check out some of the existing designs, and input your own information to create the post-it notes that are right for you. Post-it notes are so versatile and easy to use, that you'll find you have considerable freedom and flexibility when creating printed post it notes. You could opt for a simple design with just your company name and logo at the bottom of each post-it note; or you could go for something more inventive.

Choose a block of post-it notes with a picture along the side of the block; choose to alternate print on each note in the same block; go for a bright, unusual colour. There are many ways to make your printed post-it notes stand out from the crowd. That will ensure that they work harder for you, every time they are used.

Many common office stationery and other items are often used as promotional items. Pens, pen-holders and mugs are all very common. However, where post-it notes have the edge over pretty much anything else, is that they tend to be spread around an office when they are used. Your block of printed promotional post-it notes may be sitting on one person's desk, but if that person then uses them to leave notes on colleagues desks, or on communal files, then the number of people who see your branding on a regular basis is hugely increased. They are also one of the best items to choose when looking for promotional stationery because they are always useful.

Very few people who work in offices could say that they never use post-it notes at work, so you know that they won't simply sit in a drawer. At the same time, they're not as common as items like promotional pens. That in itself helps create interest.

Printed post-it notes are not going to increase your sales on their own. However, used as part of a wider marketing strategy, they can be a really useful tool. They can help you get your message out easily and cheaply, in the way that you want to.

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