Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buying Biology Textbooks Steals, Rent Them Instead

Rising school costs and fallen economy, who has money to buy school textbooks anymore? It makes you wish you were in elementary school again where the schools actually pay for your books. Now you are in college and all costs go out to you. So who pays this time? You, of course. It is just a matter of time before your student loans reach an unthinkable number and you have yet to pay it off, while still accepting more loans to go to school. If you are still out in the cold, here is a secret. You can rent your textbooks online now. Read on to see why renting your school books is in.

How much does your biology textbook costs? If your bookstore charges are similar to mine you could pay almost 0 for yours. There is a solution for this. Rent them. Renting your school books can save you huge amounts of money. Many online companies offer a significant price drop off the original list price. Rent prices are around 70-80% off the original list price. I remember thinking at one point that renting could get expensive if you had to return the book after 3-5 days, as I was thinking the rentals days were similar to movie rentals. Fortunately, book rental companies are targeting college students who will need their books for at least an entire semester. Your rental order could hold a variety of options to fit your needs. Rent for a semester of 130 days, quarterly for 90 days, the summer for 60 days, or just for a week or two. It is your choice. If you are paying out of pocket, renting could save you an entire semester's worth of money, allowing you to put that expense into the following semesters textbook cost.

Any science book holds expensive information and technology that your biology textbook may be worth its purchase cost to you. If so, feel free to make a complete purchase of your book after renting it. Most companies will allow you to rent them, then send them the rest of the money if you decide to keep it. If not, then you can send the book back at anytime, but it would be well worth the wait to keep it for the paid period because no refunds are offered for early returns. Keep in mind before you rent how long you will need the book so you do not pay for renting it too long. There is lots of information that applies to renting your books, but overall you will benefit from all the savings.

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