Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pros And Cons Of Traffic Exchanges

If you have a website and want to get a large number of visitors to expand your business, traffic exchange is an effective way to drive quality traffic to the website. The idea of traffic exchange program is basically exchange of traffic between two or more websites. It may be free of cost. However, if you think you do not have enough time to surf others' websites, you might consider paid advertisement program for traffic exchange.

There is enumerable number of websites which provide you free or paid traffic exchange services. These websites will send you huge number of traffic from all over the world. But to get these services, you will have to join these sites and add your website address with a short description about the site.

In general, these traffic exchange websites offer exchanging visitors in two ways - one is manual website surfing and another is auto surfing. In the first case, you will have to click those website links one after another. Each click takes few seconds to receive the credit, and you will have to see the page until the visit is credited to your account. The second method is auto surfing. This is fully automatic, and you can even do other work while the auto surf will keep on scrolling by itself. You will not have to sit in front of the computer to get the credits. This is less time consuming, and doesn't require seeing the pages in actual.

After you have accumulated the desired number of credits in your account, you can spend them in various ways to promote your websites, like email marketing, banner ad impressions or simple text links. All these techniques are useful to drive big traffic at free of cost. You can also buy their upgraded package with a nominal cash fee. That will also help you to increase quality traffic at incredibly low expense.

But as you know just like everything else, this method of traffic exchange also has its advantages and disadvantages too.

Pros of Traffic Exchanges:

It is a low cost traffic generation technique and needs few minutes everyday. But if you want to spend a little cash to buy the paid exchange package, things will be much easier for you.

You can come across more websites which are relevant to your interest and get more ideas in order to grow your business.

If you are using link exchange method for affiliate marketing, apart from gaining more visitors to the link, it may lead to increase your referral earning too. Moreover, since most of the site visitors are also familiar with affiliate marketing, there is a high chance to gain potential affiliate marketers with ease.

For auto surfing, you will not have to see the pages actually. You may be busy doing some other work at the same time and earn the credits.

Cons of Traffic Exchanges:

1) If your site is rotating through traffic exchange websites, you are not allowed to earn revenue from Google Adsense advertisement program. There are some other advertisement programs which have similar kind of restrictions. Google Adsense is the most popular advertisement program on the internet and nobody wants to lose the opportunity of losing some hard cash through such a highly beneficial program.

As it is not compulsory to read the websites thoroughly while surfing for credits, so you won't get full benefit from the traffic as a large portion of the visitors won't even pay attention about what you have written on your site.

2) There are loads of useless sites which make the computer run slow and some of them are affected by spyware which are really annoying. Spyware is really a harmful program to the computer and it may cause damages to your personal computer in various ways. But if you are serious to increase the quality traffic to your website, try to make the website content more interesting and informative so that it can stand out of the craps. Some of the websites have bad content and design. This makes the visitors quite angry and in the end they also start avoiding good and quality websites.

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